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The game of INSIGHT

The game of INSIGHT is a not just another board game.  It is a unique experience exploring your inner world through auras, chakras and intuition.  Each step of the game is an opportunity to learn about what your current energetic field says about you.  There are opportunities to shift your energy through practical exercises within the game.  Be prepared to be surprised, perhaps even triggered!  But be open to receive the INSIGHTS and be held in a safe container, by facilitator and Quantum Alchemist and Artist, Deb Flanagan.


"This is not just a game, but a journey of inner awareness.  Just awesome!"


"Playing the Insight game opened up a new or emphasized the understanding of how we create our world/reality."


“Was so on point, no coincidences.”


"I highly recommend Deb's Insight Game for those who need clarity and direction in their life."


"I had such fun and insightful experience playing the game of INSIGHT.  Such a unique game and a wonderful way of exploring more about ourselves."


“Deb was a wonderful host and held space in such a fun and low key way. The game was so much fun getting to spend time with like-minded women and release energies in a unique way.”

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