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Client Love

At Wisdom Arts, I take pride in making a difference in the lives of women globally. My clients come from different backgrounds but the majority of them are all in the healing or coaching space, already making a huge impact and difference in other peoples lives.  They have all benefited profoundly from my approach to healing and self-discovery. I am proud to share the testimonials of women whose lives have been transformed through working with me.
Book a session with me today and let me help you on your journey to a happier, more fulfilling life.

I feel like my ability to trust myself and draw/paint intuitively has developed into something beautiful, and I am so inspired to create more art pieces.

Nova Ward, Australia

Li Wang_edited.jpg

I have just completed Deb’s 6-week group Soulful Transformation Program. I was amazing at her process and how much we accomplished within those 6 weeks. I feel afresh and have more energy, my confidence level has increased, and many fears have disappeared. I highly recommend this program to anyone who seeks to transform their lives on a deeper level.

Deb is authentic, genuine, and passionate about what she does, her in-depth knowledge in forensic healing and other holistic modalities enables her to identify her clients’ healing needs quickly and accurately; she transforms and reprograms the clients’ erroneous belief systems into positive ones; and empowers them to live life with confidence.

Thank you Deb, much love!”

Li Wang, Australia


Her soulful art course is designed to silence the inner critic and allow your authentic voice to shine. It is great fun to put aside your fears and doubts and enter into the creative space and see what unfolds. I really enjoyed taking Deb’s Soulful Art Mastery course, and highly recommend it if you are feeling stuck in your creative process.​

Ursula Ramjit, USA


Hey Beautiful Deb, I truly admire your expertise in facilitating healing and releasing energetic blockages, guiding individuals through trauma and activating their inner vibrancy. Your work empowers them to embrace positive change and align with their life's purpose. You are like Energy Alchemiser.


Shagun Gagneja, Australia


I enjoyed my time with Deb Flanagan learning the Chakra & Aura deck and how to do intuitive readings. I had previously learned Aura scans using a frequency device and I went to Deb wanting to expand my knowledge and flex my intuitive muscles by doing this without the device. This course gave me what I needed to trust in myself and learn new skills which enabled me to continue the practice and meet new & amazing people where they are at. I highly recommend this if you are looking to expand your knowledge and work on deepening your own intuition.

Katie Chisholm, Australia


I want to express my deep gratitude to Deb Flanagan for the incredible reading she conducted for me. From the moment she delved into my energy field, she immediately sensed what was happening and provided me with profound insights and effective solutions. I was experiencing hay fever symptoms that day, but after the reading, I felt a remarkable improvement and began recovering faster than I had anticipated. Deb's power and gift in working with unique energies are truly remarkable, delivering swift and impactful results. If you seek to understand your energy field better, I wholeheartedly recommend working with her. Thank you, Deb, for your amazing abilities and warm demeanor that made the experience truly exceptional

Leman Simen Balses, UK


Deb is gifted and ethical and will not stop until she has gotten to the bottom of the issue that you present with. Her forensic healing enabled me to release an allergy that had been recurring for many years. Thank you Deb.

Julia Chai, Australia

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